What You Need to Know About Deck Restoration and Cleaning

Is your deck due for a much-needed rehab? A deck is an excellent addition to a home as it provides an entertaining space to gather with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to environmental changes that take their toll and cause premature wear and tear.  If your deck needs a face lift, consider a deck restoration.

What You Need to Know About Deck Restoration and Cleaning

Do You Need a Deck Restoration?

Since most modern constructions adhere to strict building codes and inspections, the chances of your deck collapsing are few. Even so, it would be best if you took care of your home’s structural integrity by scheduling regular maintenance jobs.

A properly-built deck will guarantee a long and sturdy life; however, a dated deck will have one too many problems that may call for a complete overhaul.

Your deck needs a restoration job if it presents the following issues;
• Rotting due to moisture build-up, improper flashing, or construction with substandard wood.
• Hanger failure will lead to decks coming apart from the house.
• Dry rot due to pulling water, moisture, and termites.
• Deteriorating supporting beams due to not using rot-resistant or pressure-treated deck timbers.
• A compromised deck foundation, which increases the chances of a collapse.

Deck Cleaning Guidelines

While paint touch-ups are a necessary evil in the upkeep of a deck, chances are what your tired-looking deck (if it’s not structurally challenged) needs is a professionally done restorative cleaning. Consider the following deck cleaning tips;
• You may be required to strip the paint or varnish on your deck if painted or varnished before you have it power washed, painted, or stained.
• If the deck is natural or stained, you don’t need to strip it. Use an oxygen-based wood cleaner to help in removing mildew, dirt, and sunspots.
• Pressure washing to remove caked-in dirt, grime, and mildew followed by sealing the wood can be the most cost-effective way of treating hardwood or softwood decks.


You can guarantee the longevity of your deck by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance jobs. If you want to preserve and enhance the exterior of your home, contact us today for a comprehensive consultation on deck restoration and cleaning services.