Should I Pressure Wash Around My Pool?

Whether your swimming pool is newly installed or has been around for quite some time, keeping it looking and functioning its best is probably a major concern. Diligent maintenance around your swimming pool is also an important part of doing your duty of care. If you make a concerted and documented effort to keep the paved areas around this water feature free of slippery substances, you’ll fair far better when facing any frivolous or legitimate personal injury claim. But is a pressure wash around my pool the right solution? Read on to discover how pressure washing around your pool can provide enhanced pool aesthetics and increased pool safety.

Should I Pressure Wash Around My Pool?

Get Your  Older Pool Patio Ready for a Fresh Coat of Sealant

Pressure washing around your pool is a must if it’s time to apply a new coat of sealant at all walkways and patio areas. At Pearl Power Washing, we use high-end pressure washing equipment with multiple settings. When necessary, we can use soft-wash settings to treat surfaces without diminishing their integrity, or hard-wash treatments to power out tough stains. Our pressure washing treatments will effectively strip away all salts, silt, sand, grime, and grit. This way, your new sealant will look and perform beautifully. These treatments are also beneficial before the application of any slip-proof coatings.

Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Pool Deck

Like many homeowners, you may be in the habit of dragging your grill close to the pool. It could be that you simply have a small space for doing all of your outdoor cooking and entertaining. No matter what the case may be, many metal grills, metal pool chairs, and other outside items can leave noticeable rust spots and other forms of visible corrosion behind. Pressure washing will strip these and  all other stains out. If you’ve had guests spill wine or iced tea by your swimming pool, pressure washing will eliminate these problems too.

Eliminate Accumulated Grime and Slime

Unfortunately, if your swimming pool has been poorly maintained throughout the years, shocking it will clear up problems with slick, slippery algae, but it won’t do anything to eliminate these hazardous coatings on nearby walkways. Having them professionally removed with pressure washing ahead of major pool treatments can keep pervasive growths from spreading, and from contaminating your water feature again. Pressure washing is also great for getting up tanning lotions and oils, and any other slippery products that people apply when sunbathing poolside.

Pearl Power Washing has served the Tri-County Community since 1995. We’ve seen and serviced pools in all states of disrepair. With our help, you can bring your swimming area back to its original, pristine condition. You can also keep yourself duly protected against potentially devastating slip and fall injuries. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment.