Deck Power Washing and Cleaning

We’re fortunate. Temperatures in Michigan are conducive to outdoor activities a large portion of the year. We can enjoy comfortable al fresco dining throughout the summer months. Spring and fall weather may be crisp at times, but it’s generally perfect for outdoor gatherings. Wooden decks create beautiful outdoor living spaces for Michiganians to capitalize on the weather. With regular cleaning and sealing, wooden decks will maintain their beauty and structural integrity for decades, enduring even the longest winter snowpack.

For over 25 years, Pearl Power Washing has been providing quality power washing and surface sealing services for deck owners throughout the Tri-County community. We take pride in getting the job done right the first time, always in an efficient and professional manner.

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Why Pressure Wash

Wooden decks are a valuable home asset and a significant investment for homeowners. Decks increase home values and will, in turn, boost resale value. Most importantly, they give homeowners and their guests an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Naturally, decks are exposed to all of the outdoor elements, including rain, snow, pollen, dust, dirt, leaves, organic growths – you get the picture. To be certain, our geographic region is especially prone to humidity and rain, which can significantly encourage the growth of mildew and algae, especially when the deck is in close proximity to trees.

Power washing is a highly effective way to clean exterior surfaces, generally producing impressive before-and-after results. Understanding the nature of wooden surfaces, we use targeted, biodegradable cleaning agents to effectively remove stains and debris without the use of excessive water force, which could damage the wood. These cleaning agents, added to water which is dispersed through specialized nozzles, will safely remove:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Rust
  • Mold, mildew, pollen and algae
  • Most leaf stains and planter stains/marks
  • Oil
  • Food and gum
  • Old paint (excellent prep for repainting/staining)
  • And more.

Why The Post-Clean Treatment Makes The Difference

Pearl Power Washing not only cleans wooden deck surfaces, we also apply a transparent (or color stained if desired) seal to the cleaned surface to protect the deck going forward. The application of a protective seal immediately following cleaning is ideal because the seal will take best to a clean surface. Why seal the surface?

Moisture from rain, melting snow and even morning dew is routinely absorbed by unprotected wood and will cause swelling and softening. Sun and heat exposure will dry out the wood and cause it to shrink. This cycle of swelling and shrinking will warp, split and crack wooden planks. Sealing the wood on the deck protects it from this cycle. It will safeguard against board replacement expenses and extend the life of the structure. Sealing further protects the deck surface from staining resulting from leaves and other organic material. Best of all, a good seal coat will give a rich luster to the surface appearance of the deck.

Depending on the exposure your deck receives, we generally recommend professional cleaning and sealing of deck surfaces every 2 to 4 years. To evaluate the current seal on your deck, try dropping some water on the surface. If it beads, you’re seal protected. If it soaks in, it’s time to reseal.

Why Pearl Power Washing

An experienced, full-service power washing company, Pearl Power Washing has fashioned its business practices with the customer in mind. As a result, you can always expect:

  • a free estimate
  • open communication and access to informed team members
  • fully trained and uniformed service providers
  • a safety inspection – we check for loose nails, address splinters and notify you of any damaged boards
  • proven effective, biodegradable cleaning agents
  • quality, commercial-grade stains
  • the use of professional grade, fully maintained equipment (washers, nozzles, sanders, etc.)
  • peace of mind with our $1 Million General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • your service to be completed on time

In addition to decks, we clean and treat gazebos, wooden fences, and playground equipment. We also professionally power wash driveways, sidewalks, brick and stone pavers, and home siding.

Why Not Call Today?

Want to ensure your deck looks its best for years to come? A thorough power wash and seal will enhance the appearance of your deck and protect it from environmental damage. It not only safeguards your investment but will also enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Contact Pearl Power Washing today to schedule your trusted deck servicing today.