Southfield Pressure Washing

Looking for power washing in Southfield, MI? Pearl Power Washing has been servicing the Tri-County community since 1995. We are a Southfield pressure washing company that prides itself on getting the job done right the first time, in an efficient and professional manner. Each job is done as if it’s our own. We want you to be comfortable trusting your property to the professionals at Pearl Power Washing.

Southfield Power Washing Services

Southfield Pressure Washing

Power washing cleans more than just siding. Today’s pressure washing is actually lower pressure, using detergents and the right equipment to clean a variety of surfaces safely and without damage. Pearl Power Washing offers services to make these surfaces and more look like new:

  • Decks
  • Concrete and Stone Pavers
  • Driveways
  • Brick Exteriors
  • Stone Exteriors
  • Siding Exteriors
  • Painted Exteriors

Residential Power Washing in Southfield, MI

Help restore the beauty of the exterior of your house. Mildew can damage to the exterior of your home and also be harmful to its surroundings. It is recommended that you have your house washed every two years. Our residential power wash services include house washing,  brick paver washing & sealing, driveways, deck power washing, and more.

Southfield, MI Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing in Southfield, MichiganKeeping the exterior of a business clean is a priority for any well run business. The entrance of your business is the first and last thing your customers see, so our commercial power wash services help you maintain a clean appearance. Whether it’s gum on sidewalks, spilled food, grease stains, or just general dirt and debris buildup, we can clean it.

Experienced Southfield Pressure Washing

Why choose Pearl Power Washing for your home or business exterior cleaning needs? Our staff is highly trained. We have the right equipment and the right experience. Our goal is to leave your property looking better than before! View our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Free Estimates: In person, at your home, or wherever is most convenient for you
  • Communication: We keep you posted along the way (as much communication as you want or as little)
  • Timing: Project completed to your schedule
  • Safety: We specifically look for loose nails, sand, splinters, and notify you of damaged boards
  • Insurance: $1 Million in General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Great Employees: Our team is trained and uniformed
  • Quality Stain: Commercial grade stains
  • Effective Cleaners: Only specially formulated cleaners are used (strong pressure is not needed)
  • Right Equipment: Professional Tools = Great Results
  • Experience: 15 years and thousands of decks (we set the industry standard in beautiful decks )
  • Specialty: We are a full service power washing company
  • Maintenance: Keeping your property beautiful is simple and affordable
  • Payment: Cash or Check

Advantages of Pressure Washing Services

Regular exterior cleaning offers many benefits for your home or business in Southfield. Cleaning dirt and debris from surfaces ensures they last longer. Mold and mildew are unattractive and sometimes have an unpleasant smell. They can also be harmful to your health, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Of course, your home or business’ exterior will also simply look cleaner and more attractive.

View our Pressure Washing Gallery for beautiful before-and-after photos. Ready to make your home or business look new again? Contact Us today!