A Post-Clean Treatment For Decks That Makes A Difference!

Getting your deck professionally cleaned helps restore the deck to its original look. However, at Pearl Power Washing, we take it a step further with a post-clean treatment. This ensures that the boards won’t become worn out or have damage done to it by the natural elements. What is our post-clean treatment, and how does it help decks stay clean longer? Today, we are going to share with you the top four benefits of this deck treatment!

A Post-Clean Treatment For Decks That Makes A Difference!

What Is A Post-Clean Treatment?

A post-clean treatment is when a transparent or color-stained seal is added to a deck once it has been power washed. It is most effective when applied right after a power wash. The seal provides the wood with a defense, all the while maintaining its originality.

What Are The Benefits Of This Deck Treatment?

There are several benefits from a post-clean treatment. The following are a few of the many ways in which it can be beneficial to your deck:

  • Protects Against Water Damage: Dewdrops, rain, and even melting snow can cause moisture to be absorbed into dry, unprotected wood. This, in turn, can cause the wood to soften, swell, and possibly rot. A treatment seal can help keep unwanted moisture out of the wood and prevent any future water damage!
  • Protects Against Heat Damage: As with many summer days, both heat and sunshine can overheat unprotected wood and cause it to dry out. As the temperatures change from cool to hot, this can cause wood to shrink and swell. This leads to boards developing cracks, splits, or also warps in the boards. A seal can keep the boards intact during weather changes and ultimately help prevent continuous repairs!
  • Protects Against Environmental Damage: Many times during a storm or even windy days, organic matter (such as leaves, dirt, and/or sticks) can both damage and/or stain a deck that is untreated. This, in turn, can mean more frequent cleaning or replacement of the boards. With a seal, a deck can be easier to maintain; and in the long run, it saves money from replacing and cleaning boards.
  • Helps Your Deck Cleaning Last Longer: Depending on the location of your deck, a sealed deck can last 2-4 years before another cleaning is due! Having a treatment seal on your deck saves both time and money. It helps you to maintain a beautiful deck for a longer time!


When it comes to getting a post-clean treatment for your deck, you want an experienced company that will provide you with great service. At Pearl Power Washing, we strive to provide you with excellent service from start to finish. With over twenty-five years of experience, we pride ourselves in getting the job done right the first time, in both an efficient and timely manner. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us! Start by scheduling your free estimate today!